Smart traveling – lesson learned….

Seen ’em come, and seen ’em go…….

I had my computer stolen in a hotel in Lyon, France.  Always happens after one thinks, I should do this, but, oh well, tomorrow.

Notes to you future travelers:

…….Lock your laptop in your suitcase when you leave your hotel room. Laptops are easy targets and are very desirable…

……Sign out on all your sites(email etc) before leaving your hotel room and turn off computer.

…….Have your Model # and Serial Number handy for insurance purposes.

…….Be prepared for the police to do nothing – not even do a police report for your insurance.  Ask the hotel to do a report which you can type out on their computer(since yours is now GONE) and all they have to do sign it.

……Don’t keep your passwords stored on your computer!

……Have the numbers of the financial institutions/credit card companies etc. you deal with available for you to call.  Write them all down before you leave home.

……Contact the credit card companies prior to leaving home, so they can set up a pattern of usage.

Last, but not least… let it go.  In the big scope of life, a stolen laptop is a bleep in the radar screen.  Of course, it only took me around 1 week to finally reach that oh-so- higher-state-of-consciousness!

Just a random photo from traveling in China in 2005 …

He swung back a forth, hoisted up and down with the roller pressed to the wall..

you gotta smile…



6 thoughts on “Smart traveling – lesson learned….

  1. Hey Lisa!

    I was just thinking about you today. So sorry to hear about the computer-but you’re right-it’s pretty minor in the big scope of things. It took me a LONG time to get over having one of my favorite Guatemalan bags stolen in Bolivia. The only solace I had was the guy only got diapers and a plastic toy!

    We found a nice place to stay in Languedoc in May for a week and the rest of the trip is coming together too. Are you off to Turkey?




  2. Hi Lisa, I’m happy to hear about you, at the moment I am in a little mess, I’m going to be operate, Tomorrow I’d enter in the hospital.
    I will tell you more next time


  3. Why has life gotten so complicated? maybe writting postcards was not that all that bad after all. Glad to see you are still trucking. You missed a few tense days in Tucson. Gaby is a fighter and will recover. Have you thought about going to Egypt?

    John’s the juan


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