Mabel’s Perspective on the Traveling Life

Sure, I have seen territory, all the sites, the gorgeous lakes and streams, but let me give you the other side of the story. In fact, let’s make this a photo journey.

The photo below is of one of ten most dangerous roads in the world. You can barely make out the road crawling along right of center. I am game for anything, but a 15% grade, are you kidding me?

I have no idea why we are taking these roads; personally, I like the company of other fellow vehicles. Instead of getting small pieces of asphalt thrown against my belly, I get a constant barrage of small rocks and an occasional “boom” from larger ones. Then, when someone I know isn’t looking, PLUNK, I hit a pot hole, tire says “S*&T” and I have to heft up whichever side just bit the dust.




Several times I have noticed that the Navigation System says ROAD – no name, no highway number. That has had me concerned and doubly when I hear Lisa say, “So Alice, what do you think? Left or right?” Scary. See that edge of nowhere sign? Gives you an idea.


The long stretches I enjoy; I can settle back and let the scenery lull me into contentment. When I feel I am going a bit too fast, my mouth opens and starts to inhale more gas, the gas gauge starts to drop and I feel the peddle pull back some. Gotta keep it under control.

Then there are the challenges prefaced by this phrase, “OK here we go,” prefaced with a slight pause before Lisa shifts the gear down. I breathe into my sides and release, breathe into the axel in hopes of relaxing it some, ask my springs to hang on — all yoga training — and off we go as I center myself.

We find a campground or reach a little town and stop. My lubricants, oil and gas get settled and I rest.

You won’t be hearing from us for awhile. We are taking the ferry from Bella Coola, BC to Prince Rupert, BC and then start on the Cassier Highway (which of course IS the remotest least traveled highway in BC) and into Alaska.

Take good care, Mabel










2 thoughts on “Mabel’s Perspective on the Traveling Life

  1. Mabel
    You must get along with Lisa. She does hold the keys, MOST of the time. And how is Alice doing with all of this. You COULD let her talk once in a while.

    By the way, I’m doing fine tho my parents keep throwing muddy kayaks in me. I do miss you and adventures with you. Just take care of yourself. We’re not youngsters anymore.



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