About Lisa…..

This blog started June 2010 when I was accepted into the Peace Corps program, rented my townhouse and left for Senegal, West Africa. In August after living in a Senegalese village for two months and becoming extremely ill, I traveled to Portugal and recouped. I continued on to France, Italy, Jordan and
Greece before returning to Taos in June 2011.

AliceNow it is May 2017, and am fulfilling a lifelong dream to drive throughout North America. Alice, my little Labradoodle, Mable, the Roadtrek van, and myself (no need for a current photo – let’s go with the one above!), are setting off to see friends and relatives in Arizona, California, and the Pacific northwest to see friends and relatives and entering Canada east of Vancouver June 15th.  I will post every week and subscribing to this is available by clicking on the link on the right.




One thought on “About Lisa…..

  1. Lisa,
    Danielle has shared your blog with us…we are enjoying reading about your travels..sounds very satisfying…we do miss seeing you when we make it out to Taos. Take care of yourself


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