“Whew!” we all say in unison. “We have done some traveling since our last post.” Mabel has decided she will write the first in a series of posts about the last few weeks.

MABEL: All I can is “I survived.” I rolled over 460 miles of dirt, gravel, pebbles, tar based gravel, rocks, pot holes, washboard, six-foot-built-up ‘cuz of permafrost, no guard rails, narrow, emergency airstrips occasionally, one gas station only and you-better-have-your-pocket-book-read ‘cuz this-guy-knows-he-has-the-only-service-staton-on-the-road..  Oh, and then I got to do it again going back because the road dead-ends at the Arctic Ocean!

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Northern BC & the Yukon


We (refers to Mabel, Alice & Lisa) drove down one the ten most dangerous roads in the world, according to National Geographic, to Bella Coola, BC — I have to say, this road was no different than driving from the ranch over and down a mountain road to Nogales, AZ…all is relative! Continue reading

Mabel’s Perspective on the Traveling Life

Sure, I have seen territory, all the sites, the gorgeous lakes and streams, but let me give you the other side of the story. In fact, let’s make this a photo journey.

The photo below is of one of ten most dangerous roads in the world. You can barely make out the road crawling along right of center. I am game for anything, but a 15% grade, are you kidding me?

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Run off from Sierra Nevada Mountains, Bishop, CA

The GPS had been set to avoid highways and toll roads and what a journey that made from Bishop, CA to Pacific City, OR.  I drove through four seasons in two days: snow in the Sierra Nevadas and the road to Lassen Volcanic Park had a CLOSED sign due to snow; spring wind & summer’s driving rain in southern Oregon; sat on a bench in the sun on a bench in Coos Bay, Oregon. Continue reading

New Mexico – Bishop, CA


Elephant Butte Lake, So. NMCampsite at Elephant Butte Lake, So. NM

Leaving NM on 5/15/2017

A rumble began and the rainstorm came in cooling the land as Alice and I settled in for our first nite on the road. On the way to the trash, I dropped the keys accidently into a street grate. Since every door was locked on the van, hence no cell phone, I walked to the camper parked next to mine as Danny, a race car/motorcycle driver, drove his ‘tricked-out’ cycle into a candy-apple red trailer with a skull and crossbones image and FASTER ‘N HELL RACIN’ BIKES written on its side. Continue reading

…Six weeks and settled back in the USA..sorta…

My sister and brother-in-law’s house in No. Arizona

After 22 hours of traveling from Athens, Greece to Denver, Colorado, USA, the navigation through the Denver Airport presented a challenge to the body and mind.   US Customs and Immigration area presented its’ usual test of patience. Continue reading

…and on back to the USA

But, have a really nice day, no matter what happens, OK?

Beautiful Santorini provided the most amazing vistas to calm the mind and spirit, and prepare the body and soul for returning home to the USA.

White is the color of the Greek Isles– furniture, clothing, waiters and tourists dressed in white, walls, ceilings, and roofs, path ways painted grey but outlined in white. Continue reading

Paros Island, Greece

Desert to Sea

The day trip from Amman, Jordan to Jerusalem started with a taxi ride to the Jordanian border followed by:  passport stamped, fee paid, shuttle bus from Jordanian border to Israeli border, 2 checkpoints(1 Jordanian and 1 Israeli), Israeli immigration, 3 more security checks with x-rays and passports checked each time, military patrols carrying machine guns throughout the buildings and another bus to another Israeli checkpoint.  After officially entering Israel,  I found a taxi driver who showed us(met a woman who worked for a NGO in Amman and she joined me on this excursion) the sites of Palestine, Jerusalem and Jericho. Continue reading