Languedoc Region

Languedoc Region

Late fall in the Languedoc Region, Southern France presented me with some of the most beautful scenes and vistas of a countryside getting ready for winter – leaves turning, crops harvested, acres of grape vines sleeping,  canals dotted with empty houseboats, Pyrenees Mountains with snow capped peaks – absolutely gorgeous.

I arrived in Narbonne via the train and walked to “Will’s Hotel” – like the name, no frills. Explored Narbonne which is close to the Mediterranean and has a relaxed atmosphere about it — maybe because it is close to the sea, or so many stately mansions, or canal running through the town with houseboats on it, cobblestone streets or the innumerable cafes.. but something is in the air here that just makes you want to sit and watch the world go by. 

Traveled on to Chateau Ventenac, a 20 minute drive from Narbonne, where I attended a 5 day writing workshop given by a British writer, Patrick Gale.  The Chateau belonged to a Jewish family who escaped France just prior to German occupation and gave the Chateau to the village.  It was subsequently divided into 3 “homes” and another major portion of it became a winery.  A British woman, bought the middle section of the Chateau in 2007, which had been uninhabited for 50 years, renovated it, and it is currently used as venue for various workshops and holiday rental.

The workshop participants were 5 Brits, a couple from New Zealand and me!  We read, wrote, visited a nearby castle, walked the canal path, and ate & ate & ate.  The view from my window was the Pyrenees Mountains far far away, fields harvested and dormant, villagers taking their daily walks, ducks and a resident black swan swimming below, and misty mornings.

View from window…

……………………………………………………………….Resident black swan

Gorgeous country… pictures definitely wrap this week up… I’m outta here and on my way to the Avignon area …. take good care, me

4 thoughts on “Languedoc Region

  1. Better and better, Lisa! You’ve got a grand book in the making, with terrific photos to boot, when you go at it, as we feel sure you will. If you’re now back in Avignon, and get to Aix again soon, be sure to make an appointment to visit home where Cezanne grew up and lived, which has a spectacular in-house sound and light show featuring his works (not his studio, his family home, formerly a farm). Michael & Graham


  2. And if you’re heading even further east – you’ll surely love any/all:
    Picasso Museum in Antibes (NOT limited to Picasso…if Klein’s blue torso is still there, it’s a showstopper!
    many-many artists’ spots in Vence (gorgeous hill town) but especially the Chapelle du Rosaire:
    Matisse’s home and the flower market in Nice.
    It’s great to be following your trail – super photos! Would you recommend the writing workshop as a destination if it’s held again next November? Thanks, Jeannie


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